Re-Lax Pocket Maker (1oz)

If you are new to lacrosse and buying a stick off the shelf, your next question is, "How do I break in my pocket?" Re-Lax is a patent-pending formula that gives you the fastest, easiest way to break in hard mesh! New players no longer have to struggle to make their first pocket. Re-Lax is a nylon conditioner that not only relaxes hard mesh but strengthens the pocket fibers so they are less likely to rip or wear out. After treating with Re-Lax, hard mesh retains all of its inherent properties including grip, feel & control.

A 1oz bottle of Re-Lax, used properly, will break in at least 10 - 12 regular pockets or 4 - 5 goalkeeper pockets. Be sure to wet the mesh with water first before applying Re-Lax and you will use less product!

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